Woman thy name is not frailty

A Woman is the biggest masterpiece created by God, the manifestation of almighty’s ultimate imagination. But as per the current scenario on Earth, we need to introspect if the sanctity of a woman is destroyed or is she still the respect of life?

Every moment that passes, women sometimes gain, sometimes forget their worth and this crest and trough of instability of their self worth cries for worldly ‘taken for granted’ treatment.

Women primeval have been harassed for being weaker and dependent. They were pushed and dominated enough to live a disdainful life. Severely tortured, tormented and traumatized. Yet, women never spoke up for themselves due to the fear of being tarnished and suffered for aeons. And the worst part is, no one spoke for them either, not even their own children. No one. They were all alone.

When a woman speaks up for herself whether in small matters or the biggest crisis, they look invincible. Every woman must support other woman. That’s the integrity every woman must have for survival of her race.

There are many women associations who support a woman in distress apart from police. Genuine help from friends and society and backup plans should also be utilized in case of emergency. Ideally, a woman should be self dependent, especially financially independent. There should be no stigma attached to speaking up for herself. She should not be made guilty and cornered for raising her voice and seeking professional help.

Inspite of society’s changing attitude and women succeeding in every domain, they still need to be alert and aware of the issues unresolved. It could happen to anyone, anytime.

It seems ‘Laws of Karma’ do not exist but have faith for what goes around comes around. Most importantly, rather than waiting indefinitely for justice to happen, a woman should give justice to herself as much as possible without taking law in their hand.

We should all realise and the sooner the better that if a woman is happy, the world is happy. If a woman cries, the world cries.

All of us should live the dream of a “psychotic, toxic and abusive” free world where a woman lives and so does a man and generations and society are happy, healthy, thriving and free.

Rules of the Pool

Swimming pool, the blue heaven on Earth which we make for ourselves in our homes or elsewhere could be a boon or a bane depending on how we use it. It’s important to maintain the rules. I have gathered few out of my experience and knowledge which I’ve listed for all.

A swimming pool should be thoroughly cleaned with chlorine tablets and/or shock it and skimmed regularly. Health of the pool is directly proportional to the health of the user.

One has to be very cautious when they are around a pool especially children. Running around should be strictly prohibited as it’s extremely risky.

No one should drink alcohol and swim. There are very often cases of drowning due to drinking alcohol and swimming. And please, don’t fart or piss in the swimming pool. The bubbles tell it all.

No matter how confident you are, after a swim hold the stairs and climb out of the swimming pool. Don’t eat or litter around the pool. Keep it clean, safe and hygienic.

There should be an elder around when children are swimming or using the pool for safety reasons or a swimming expert when a new swimmer is in the pool.

If people are using pool they should wear swim wear like swimsuits or bikini or swimming trunks in case of men and use caps, goggles and slippers and swimming fins if they want to. They can use floaters as well.

There should be no rough play and should not have fun at other’s cost. Swimming pool is not the place for it as it could cost a life.

Most importantly, pre-swim shower and post-swim shower both are essential and not optional to avoid infections, rashes and contamination which can make you sick.

All in all, there are many do’s and dont’s. Few have been listed out of the inexhaustible list of swimming pool rules. Watch out and have fun!

What do you crave for?

What is a craving?
An intense and prolonged desire.

We think we crave for food only but cravings don’t end over there. Cravings can be for anything, it could be love, fame, affection, luxury, just anything.

Normally, cravings are classified into physical or emotional cravings. Food cravings could be identified with physical and also with emotional cravings. Food cravings such as chocolates are common and could be for Cola or any specific food. Food cravings or cravings at large, should not be ignored as it is an indicator of our health, body and inner state.

Usually people do not differentiate between craving and hunger. They think it’s the same not realising a craving can occur even after hunger is satiated.

If you ever have cravings you must satisfy them and enjoy it too but mark the cravings if you go overboard. Then, you must consult a doctor as it could have developed into a disorder. Hence, take your cravings seriously.

Craving for someone is just like getting addicted to a drug. It is definitely not a natural motivator. Cravings can be short lived or it could drag for a lifetime.

Last but certainly not the least, we have to control and command our cravings which is the outcome of our psychological state and be as right as rain.

What rules you, Head Or Heart?

What rules you? Head rules over the heart or does the heart rule over the head is quite a conundrum for many and what is right and what is for the herd mentality?

Head is associated with logic and heart is considered to be associated with emotions. Thus, where do your beliefs lie, is it in your emotional apprehensions or in your intellect?

Mostly people think that either of it works but it is quite possible that a person might use both at a different time or situation or maybe use both at the same time. Which rule you use mostly could give you a clear picture of what kind of person you are.

‘Head’ is mostly used in decisions like setting up Monday routine or which school to choose for your child whereas ‘Heart’ decides whether he loves me or loves me not!

When we talk about Head and Heart we are actually talking about different parts of brain. There is no organ called Heart that’s speaking out. Yet we enjoy the concerto.

People who are tagged as ‘Head’ person are very rational and are considered smart and intellectuals. Basically, achievers and strong, hence many people try to think or portray themselves as ‘Head’ person even if they are not and ‘Heart’ person is essentially emotional, flows with life and sometimes considered frivolous and uncautious.

Anyhow, not following the herd mentality and being comfortable in your skin is more important. To judge correctly what you are and make amendments henceforth if required.

Head rules over Heart or Heart rules over Head, it defines you. Take your rule as per actuals, set it’s rules and limits and let it define your being, your life.

After this tug of war, eventually, it is the ‘Brain’ that wins. So, ‘Be Yourself’.

Educate Education System?

Our Education system is the ‘unsung hero’ of the modern world even though being harbinger of it’s achievers and winners. Yet we all connivingly choose to burn it in effigy.

How downclass is a person who cannot respect it’s alma-mater for what it is and it has done, from sculpting of individual’s personality to being very directly responsible for shaping the world but chooses to condemn it using the knowledge gained through it and reflecting utter foolishness.

Often people claim of incorrect strategies and intrinsic defects in education systems.

There have been two many annoying complaints about the current education system which are supported by all though not many can survive it’s accuracy, fast evolving classroom dynamics, progressive school culture, high level of education system and thorough professionalism.

This image below speaks for the image people want to form about education system and schools proving it to be redundant and impractical.

Many have come up with ‘feasible’ options and revered home schooling inspite of the fact that it is isolation.

Schools are not only imparting education but they are also increasing social skills, soft skills, all skills, aptitude, knowledge, perception, awareness, competitiveness….thus, all round development of a child. They keep you abreast with the real world. They keep you connected. Most importantly, they teach you to excel and win.

People complain about schools not being good enough because they themselves could not achieve a good school life and they percolate down bitterness amongst all.

Many patterns exist wherein people might not be good in any aspect of school but excel after school but for that school is not responsible according to them. Success is achieved due to various factors, one of the contributors is school yet schools do not assure success in life. They never so claimed.

Standardization is not an evil rather it’s the best parameter to judge. There should be and there are all possible contests in a school or university. No one should be complaining. Schools, per se, are well formatted to educate.

Schools make the blueprint of a student’s life, basis of their formation. For a student, the seat of learning is their second family.

Respect the alma-mater.

Office, Office, Dilbert’s Office!

Dilbert, is a comic strip by Scott Adams which speaks corporate humour the best. I have been reading Dilbert for few years and have enjoyed it immensely. It portrays a regular office we all go to but it has a sense of adorability which makes it an iconic ‘regular’ office.

I will introduce you to my favourite characters who’s strip I look for. Here they come :

First comes, Catbert, the Evil Director of Human Resources. He’s corrupt, he’s evil and takes great pride in being extremely unethical. He would do anything to make life miserable for employees and could deduct from their salaries for holidays and Sundays. He loves filling his own pocket though. Did you ever come across such a lovable character ever in your office? Have a glimpse in his ‘evil world with his devious ways’!

Second most is Dogbert, the CEO, superbly selfish and an evil tyrant who wants to rule not just the office but the whole world and he’s definitely not pro-human. His interactions are the best with Dilbert. He also lives with him! Rest is better unsaid. Meet my second favourite :

Third is Dilbert himself, he’s the most sincere employee with a great sense of dealing with anyone. He is the central character of the comic strip, of course and very well retains his spot in spite of new lovable characters being introduced. He’s the smart worker who knows how to climb the corporate ladder. Enjoy with me his office interactions with his pointy-haired boss.

Fourth is Wally, he has vowed to not work and still get paid. You will find him in your office near the coffee vending machine. He’s the best chap who viles away time and is responsible for the company stagnation and downfall. He might be the fourth but I will present two strips to sum up his character :

Fifth is the inevitable pointy-haired boss. He’s the easiest boss you will never get in any office. In spite of being corrupt and defunct, he still retains his “Boss” position in the office which is often questionable in a real office.

Sixth on the list is Alice who is a hardworking female engineer. She’s mostly violent and has successfully punched her computer. There’s more to her but she has not been of special interest to me but her hairstyle makes her stand out as a comic character. She’s a good add in the meetings. According to me, Alice is that character in your office whom you would love to miss in the blink of your eye. Very uninteresting for me, anyways, check her out :

Seventh character is Asok an Indian who’s the ‘crushed guy’ of the office. He’s a stereotype engineer from IIT getting a white collared job, say, in U.S. In your office you could spot him as ‘Manager Operations’, who knows?

Last and definitely the least, is Ratbert. He’s a poor character who is powerless. He, according to me, is the most unimpressive character who is just the opposite of Dogbert. Even though shown as CEO at times he looks like a perfect misfit on the boss’s chair. As you will go through his strip, you will realise what I realised and that’s he’s just a ‘Rat’.

Dilbert has the full potential to keep you glued always. Maybe the same, maybe different but it talks about your office to you or maybe your dream office or dream office characters. It makes you schizophrenic as it makes you come out of your own office woes and enjoy ‘Dilbert’s Office’.

Rhapsodies of applause to Scott Adams who made a wonderful comic strip for office lovers who have the liberty to enjoy such good corporate humour portrayed in the finest office lingo.

It’s my favourite office, is it yours too?

The ‘Race’.

As soon as we are born the “race” begins. There is no financial level and there is no age when the “race” begins. The “race” is on and it never ends.

Mostly people are blind in the “race”. Either they don’t see the “race” or know it but look for an escapade or acknowledge it head-on. The “race” is the best teacher, it teaches all that the “race” is on, it’s rules, it’s penalties
and that there are no breaks.

There are friends, philosophers and guides in disguise that mentor us in our lives, instantiate the laws and lessons of what is destined or in probabilities. How correctly do we comprehend and imbibe them defines our success in the “race”.

So hardened by the “race”, people have stopped wishing which is often referred as silly. There’s an old Scottish proverb, “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride” is a harsh attack on what a wish is and I don’t really agree to it fully because wishes are mostly backed by actions and are based on hope. To wish is not equivalent to daydream. I rather believe that “The wish is father to the thought”. It’s human, it’s real and it’s so beautiful to wish.

All is not dark about the “race”. If we loose some we gain some, sometimes we gain more but every case is different. Even though the “race” is impartial and treats each one equally, the results are different.

In the “race” people gain only on the basis of personal merit but there have been many manipulations to win or be ahead in the “race” by people which defines “The Ways Of The World”.

The “race” is abstract and most real. Finally, who wins is revered and the one who is left out is termed ‘loser’. It’s only about ‘Winning or losing’.

Highly critiqued the “race” is unapproved and is treated as a vice. End of manipulations and dawn of a new world order will make the “race” the most beautiful race in the world and a way of life like never been before.

We make the rules of the “race” and we live it. To let the best man win, we have to make it a fair play. We can never come out of it. It’s the ‘alma mater’ of our lives.

The “Race” is sovereign.

Mind Over Matter

A Human Brain is the epicentre of all activities in the human body, All human brains are responsible for every human activity in this world which as per syllogism of Aristotelian logic constitutes “A Human Brain is the epicentre of all human activities in this world”.

Any internal conflict or factor of mind could easily cause psychosomatic problems yet creating mindfulness that too very little goes to a great extent to overcome any especially physical problems.

Our mind is over-arching and is the cure, per se, if a conflict arises. Maybe not all is automated hence it could be on a manual mode and we have to help ourselves. That’s where peace of mind, mental strength, psychological resilience, good sleep and meditation helps every brain to rewire itself as and when it’s required and very intrinsically.

Also what needs to be factored in is optimism, belief in the powers of mind and it’s command over human body to cure and imagination of being cured, focus on purpose in life, true happiness, channelisation of willpower and all powers of mind and energies to destroy disease, inability, limitations and empower fight within. Then, any specie possessing brain needs no external cure. No medicines, No surgeries, No pain, No death.

Brain is most pivotal in existence of life and running of the world. There are worlds within the worlds in our mind, bombing against each other and to stay connected it is important that our all-pervading mind rules the body and not the vice versa. We should not permit an ailing body to weaken the mind rather a strong mind should cure the ailments which medicinal drugs can’t cure and in the shortest time. Power of mind is the biggest power humans can ever have to survive and thrive only if they do not underestimate it so predominantly.

Many mind-centric exercises and activities sharpen the brain enough to prevent the diseases to enter or attack the human body. Contrary to the belief, not the framework of a human body but it is the mind which stands the human form strong like a fort and controls the defence mechanism of our body.

Everything we do, is not an activity of the organ but of the brain. Even what we see is actually an image sent to the brain by the eyes in the form of electrical signals processed and interpreted by our brain then sent back to us which is perceived as an image seen by our eyes. It’s actually, ‘all in our mind’.

Hence, the synoptic theory of ‘Mind Over Matter’ is that powers of realm of mind solve all bodily predicaments. Our brain or term it “mind”, is the ‘Ruler of all organs hence the organisms’.
Ergo, if we conquer our mind, we conquer the world.

Curse of the World

Wanderlust frolic around the beaches and the alps, the deserts and the beauty of architecture. And as they move around and litter, they throw eaten chocolate foil wraps – food of somebody. That somebody is the ‘Poor’ – The Cursed.

Poverty is the worst teacher. It teaches you how to be less than somebody who is also very less but is more than you. It very perfectly makes you a weak person. So weak anyone gets the right to trample you. Poverty, destroyer of human race manifests and voices via wretchedness, weakness, vices or just anything negative.

In the world we live in, classification of human beings is neither based on potential nor merit, it’s simply about rich or poor, in black and white.

Normally, people see poor in disgust and pity. But then, there are philanthropists, “Heart of Gold” of the World. I call them the so called rich faking compassion. Well, till now the philanthropists and N.G.O.’s individually and collectively have not been able to eradicate poverty but they have never failed to think or call themselves powerful.

The ‘poor and needy’ are a liability of the world. It’s just not convenient for anyone to have them around and are condemnable enough that they can make a person shout at them for no rhyme or reason and yet not be called mad or wrong or ill-behaved. But the same people are okay with “snatchers”. Snatchers might be in good shape, financially and physically but they will snatch your things and tell the whole world it’s theirs. They are not poor and they are not beggars according to the world and also they have never begged. Whereas poor are sometimes so poor, they are actually beggars. So, who is bad and who is worse, is the dilemma.

Poverty is the disease of mind prevalent across financial levels on everyone. It’s embedded in every human genes. It has successfully corroded humaneness. The ‘Poor’ (not humans) have been ill treated since aeons. Stone age was better off with equality and judging people.

Humans can never eradicate poverty and experiences of existential poverty, personal or someone else’s, percolates down the generations. It’s a vicious circle and perhaps only divine intervention can save this world.

Human species are a failed race which do not deserve to live and it seems they are on a constant self destruct mode. They have very well destroyed their planet, they have very well destroyed themselves. They created inequality and promoted vices. They thrive on weaknesses and wretchedness is their core. They are servants of poverty.

Had the rich been truly rich, there wouldn’t have been any poverty. It’s a poor world. They are all poor and they are all cursed. To be so much more than others couldn’t be achieved, hence they all conspired to retain poverty and achieve the unachievable. That’s the ‘Curse of the World’.

Perception vs. Perspective

As I go through the warp n weft of mind. I distangle the mystery of Perception and Perspective. Neither a conundrum nor a straight lifeline yet both are so powerful that it can make or mar a person.

An easy beginning to the “Versus” War, Perception makes stories, Perspective gives the Moral of the Story.

Perception can be disillusioned of how big or small things are but Perspective gives the untampered end result of how big and small things are.

Perception is purely cognitive and Perspective tells Perception how things are to be perceived and destroys illusion.

Perception, clearly, is due to physical attributes and Perspective is due to mental attributes.

To exemplify it, there are people of different races in this world whom we perceive good or bad due to our sensory perceptions but when perspective comes in play, we judge them for the kind of people they are, their traits. Are they really good or bad?
Perception only tells Beauty of the appearance, so apparent, which is not the same as beauty within or being a beautiful person which Perspective tells us.
The saying that enrages the battle is ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the holder (Perspective) and not the beholder (Perception)’.

Most of the people don’t use Perspective as it’s based on attitudes, wisdom and experiences, they prefer to live shallow, banking on Perception as there is no play of mind. No rise in or use of intellect soon leads to downfall. Perspective is inevitable and is permanence. Perception variates with time, situation and favourtism.
It’s Magic vs. Power of within.

Perception being based on external factors makes a person dependent and Perspective being based on internal factors make a person independent.
Perception gives a mental image of you, it could just not be you whereas Perspective like conscience tells you who you really are.

Perspective is your building block while Perception could just be a compliment!

Perception is the variable and Perspective is the constant.

Perception is 2D and is like an image whereas Perspective, on the contrary, is 3D and is more than a video, it is life.

Perception makes you exist whereas Perspective makes you live.

On a warring note, Perception is the goldsmith and Perspective is the iron-smith. And in reference to the context, I quote an Afghan Dari proverb, “Hundred blows of goldsmith is comparable to one blow of iron-smith”.

So, Where is the horizon?
And ‘A to Q’ is, Both are inter-related and are consequential.
Perception defines how the world appears.
Perspective defines the world, per se.

Now, I rest my case.

Final verdict : Perception vs. Perspective
Each has it’s role, value and is to be put to use correctly by any individual to enhance their being.
We need both to survive and ‘Survival is of the Fittest’.

Quintessence of Sexiness

A billion dollar question rages my mind, “What is sexiness”?

People across the world are perfectly not in sync with this aspect of being. They have chaotic minds speaking every language but of sexiness. That shouts ‘Sexiness is a rarity’.

I read on all social media platforms people defining what sexiness is not in very elaborate ways and just one or two lines of what sexiness could possibly be as per their personal opinion which very often has got nothing to do with reality.

Many have often mentioned sexiness is not about body or appearance rather it is about the mind. It surprises me why people neglect a part of what is definitely sexiness. Is it that the wretchedness or lack of being able bodied or physical sex appeal by most of people makes them say so or just to make a statement. And those who bother to target physical sex appeal be it of a man or of a woman for the praise of mind or any aspect they claim to be definition of sexiness, do they really have it? Answer is ‘NO’.

A simple answer to all the statement definition’s of sexiness is that ‘A person is truly sexy only if that person is sexy inside out’. That refers to physical sexual attractiveness or beauty of physical body and a person who is mentally very sexually attractive/stimulating. Either of it is not really sexy but partially they are.

Mostly people talk about partial sexiness and choose one of them and advocate it to be the only definition of sexiness and run down the other part because it’s just not convenient to them or is not a ‘statement – popular’ answer. In all probability they are just shooting from their ass to sound great or very meaningful.

Wonderfully hilarious is when most of them are talking about feeling sexy and not being sexy as definition of sexiness.

I wonder when would they get real because most of the people in this world are just not sexy and don’t even know the meaning of sexiness but are busy defining partial sexiness as the only definition of sexiness.

Sexiness thus is not just the state of mind but it’s also in the arch of a back, curves of a beautiful body or voice, in a gaze or laugh. Sexiness can be anywhere, it’s phenomenal. Own it to flaunt it.

Excerpts from the World Of Love!

Even though Love seems like the simplest emotion, it has it’s own ways.

It spins a World Of Love which makes everything beautiful and tells me that everything is possible. And it’s not a bluff, it’s actually true. It helps in making me feel and see the world as it never was but it is. It’s the biggest personal strength anybody can ever have.

And contrary to the belief, Love doesn’t make you go haywire, it’s like a sail of a ship which holds you upright, wherein you actually start thinking right, all you need is a little bit of self control as Love could be overpowering in few cases. Problems begin where ability to Love ends of one of the partner’s. Where there is Love, there is peace.

Love is the most virtuous, positive emotion which attracts many positives. And even though I’m speaking on behalf of the experience of this emotion, all I could define in my words is, “Love has it’s own language and the language is Love”. I just speak what it makes me speak. I do what it makes me do. It possesses me as I possess it.

May the ‘Power of Love’ move all of us to a greater humankind.

Let Love Rule.